It's always difficult to know exactly what you're paying for. We're here for clarity.

You ask what that plumber is actually doing down there, why your realtor needs a 6% cut, and what your creative services team has accomplished in the last 6 weeks. That's why we've compiled this look at what we do to give you some insight into our process, techniques, and for lack of a better word, work.

It begins with a sit-down meeting, maybe over some coffee or bubble tea. You talk about what you need and what you like. We talk about what we love to do and how we can help you do what you do better. If you're interested, we draft a proposal based on your needs and how much time will be needed to complete the project.

If all is well, we shake hands and head straight for the Batcave.

Nerdy industry terms to describe our skills and attributes:

  • Extremely low overhead business practices.
  • Project tracking via our OpenAtrium system, allowing you to view progress, approve creative, and request revisions without a lengthy e-mail chain.
  • Direct line to designers and production crew to answer your questions. No middleman required.

Today's website has become the superstructure of nearly all traditional media.

And for most businesses, the website is the new calling card. How your visitors use your website reflects how they view and interact with your business.

We begin everything with a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper, where we draw out the scaffold of the site based on your needs to specification. Then we create the visuals and deliver a rapid prototype for approval. Once everything is kosher, we unleash a squadron of code monkeys to turn it into a usable experience.

With so many different browser types, creating a consistent experience across user bases is more difficult than ever. Luckily, we have the know-how to create cross-browser compatible websites, as well as reduce redundant URLs.

Nerdy industry terms to describe our skills and attributes:

  • Design and development in one concise package. All of our projects are custom to the core.
  • Highly knowledgeable in customizing a number of CMS platforms.
  • Google recommended SEO practices, implemented straight into the backend (no fake SEO keyword voodoo magic).
  • Cross-browser compatibility on all projects.
  • Design based on well-researched UX principles.
  • Ongoing support even after deployment.

The moving picture has come a long way. Even so, the emotional element never left.

We've long known that filmmaking is an additive process. Without a strong concept and story, even the most stylistically impressive picture show will fall flat.

For this reason, nothing gets filmed until we have scripted and storyboarded everything. We then revise, over and over again, until we find the script with the most impact.

Afterwards, we arm ourselves with some high grade HD cameras and get our footage. We then cut the footage to our original storyboard, maybe design a few motion graphics if the project calls for it, and polish it off on a brand new DVD.

Nerdy industry terms to describe our skills and attributes:

  • We come with the knowledge to shoot in any style you wish, from feature films down to infomercials.
  • Green screen, rotoscope and chroma key effects are not a problem.
  • Our equipment includes 2 Canon XH-A1 cameras, Canon T2i, Zoom h4n, M-Audio Luna Mic, Flolight 500 LED, 6 Sima LX50 LED, Manfrotto 516 Head with MV525 legs, Manfrotto 503HDV head with telescopic legs and head, 2 DALITE 10x7 fastfold projector screens (16:9), Optoma 720p 2500 lumen projector.

Branding is a psychological exercise. When heritage is not an option, research is king.

Creating a brand is a lot like being a spy (at least the ones on TV). It is essentially the act of conjuring an entirely new person from thin air.

However, for that person to exist, it needs credentials. It needs a logo, a letterhead, a style guide, and consistency so that customers and high-ranking government officials don't think twice about its authenticity.

To accomplish this feat, we research the market 'til our knees get weak and identify any gaps and niches that can be filled. Together, with your take on what a successful business in your industry should be, we begin to build the framework around the abstraction in order to make what's in your head a tangible product.

Nerdy industry terms to describe our skills and attributes:

  • Comprehensive research and reporting of industries and competition.
  • Final brand products provided in a variety of formats (including .ai, .eps, .png and more) to ensure future designers never have any hangups.
  • We provide assistance in printing and brand integration into your existing products.

Everyone has a favorite song to drive to, relax to, work out to, and do homework to.

No more secrets. We absolutely love music. It's one of our favorite hobbies outside of work. We jam, we create, and we record because it's our absolute passion.

Few people think about how sound and music impacts them on a regular basis. On top of being the most direct for of communication, sound has a number of physiological effects, especially in the brain.

That said, artists have been made because their songs were used in a certain commercial, and with that comes a long line of people who YouTube their favorite ad just to hear 30 seconds of bliss. We know you've done it too.

Nerdy industry terms to describe our skills and attributes:

  • We've been composing, arranging, and producing for over 8 years.
  • We run the highly popular Ableton Live 8 ReWired with Propellerhead Reason.
  • Our incredible 1.5TB library of VST's, VSTi's and sample libraries allow us to generate just about any sound or instrument.
  • Our equipment includes an M-Audio Axiom-61, beyerdynamic DT770 headphones, Sennheiser HD598 headphones, M-Audio Fasttrack Pro.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Yet sometimes it's better to simply show it.

Golden Gate Bridge

Nerdy industry terms to describe our skills and attributes:

  • Studio settings, outdoors, and crowded spaces are not unfamiliar to us.
  • We've been known to construct sets, rigs and other contraptions to get the perfect shot.
  • We edit as well as we shoot, making sure the levels, contrast and hues match the style and feel you're looking for.

Talk is cheap. Literally. Yet the benefits of talk come when you have someone to listen.

Hate it or love it, we spend most of our time online communicating, which is why social media has become a staple in public relations and outreach. With a direct line your customers, you can dispel rumors before they begin, offer promotions at your whim, and announce new products without the need for an extensive peer-reviewed press release.

Social media is a brand extension that lets your customers tear away the gloss of advertising. It is more than just simply having Facebook and Twitter accounts. Through developing several profiles, we've taken note of several tactics that have helped people (and companies) become social media sensations.

Nerdy industry terms to describe our skills and attributes:

  • We establish and manage your complete social media presence (if you wish).
  • We help develop complete marketing strategies that help connect you with your customer base on a personal level.
  • Our team is experienced in running promotions to generate the most exposure, talk, and brand interest.
  • And we top it all off with a serving of ROI analysis.