Work by Kids R Paramount

J. Pinder

Seattle's music scene, while small, boasts a great variety of performers and innovators. J. Pinder was an up and coming artist looking to create a brand identity for himself and his music. He wanted to be perceived as a rebel and a leader in the scene, splitting off to start his own movement. The description immediately brought up thoughts of Maoist and Stalinist propaganda. We thus used the concept to craft a logo that would be both adaptable yet distinct enough to stand on its own.

In addition to his logo, 2 mini promotional sites were created to showcase his single and EP. They included his imagery as well as link to download each, respectively. The "Later On" mini-site included a JQuery/Flash player to stream the music right onto the page.

Logo Exploration (3rd is final)

J. Pinder Promotional Material

"Later On" Promotional Microsite

"Code Red" EP Promotional Microsite